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Freelance Marketing and Copywriting

Content creation, affiliate programs, landing pages, marketing funnels... the list goes on!

Don’t know where to start with your digital marketing efforts? You’re not alone!

Hi, I’m Maddy Cooper. I am a digital marketing specialist and copywriter with a mindful approach to every brand I work with. I devise and execute online marketing strategies to help small businesses within the health, wellness and eco-conscious sectors, increase website traffic and generate a growing customer base. 

Representing brands whose products and services make things better for people and planet is what gets me out of bed in the morning! With over 12 years of freelance experience within the creative industries, I have worked with a wide range of clients from organic cafes and sustainable solid beauty bars to tech start-ups, yoga studios, and online mental health courses.


I believe in the power of creating meaningful content for positive change ~ for our communities, our environment, and our collective future. I’m also a natural organiser and planner. I'm in my element while working with spreadsheets, task lists, and schedules to effectively manage projects from concept through to completion.

When I’m not planning a strategy, generating leads or creating valuable content, you’ll probably find me on the yoga mat, running in the bush, or walking near the ocean sipping a coffee (in a reusable cup of course!).

I know that digital marketing can be overwhelming. There are many aspects to consider and as a small business, you’re no doubt hard-pressed to find the time or resources to figure out the best methods to achieve your online objectives. 

​How can I help?

​By working with you to create an individualised strategy that offers a clear pathway toward achieving your business goals.

I can help you figure out the best methods and channels to target your ideal customer online.

A digital marketing strategy will clearly outline your objectives, your target audience, and how you can best utilise the various digital marketing channels to reach your ideal customer.

Businesses without clear strategic goals can quickly find themselves being drained; both emotionally and financially!

Your digital marketing plan may include:

Why is your success online important to me?

Because I know how important a healthy work-life balance is in business.

In my late twenties, I received a life-threatening diagnosis that turned my world upside down! On my journey back to full health, my priorities took a transformative shift. I qualified as a yoga teacher and now integrate a mindful approach to every aspect of my life and every client that I work with.

Wellbeing is an essential part of doing business well, and mindfulness is an approach that should be integrated into all business cultures. (Check out my Mindful Marketing Blog for more in this area).

It is now my priority and passion to help small businesses thrive within the health and wellness industry, natural beauty, and eco-conscious sectors!

​So, are you ready to grow your business online?


Send me an email and let’s chat.​
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